Coruscating Places that Enlists Pushkar with Rajasthan Tour Packages

Coruscating Places that Enlists Pushkar with Rajasthan Tour Packages

Pushkar is a holy ancient city praised for its glorious temples, raw Rajasthani culture, and awe-inspiring sceneries. Located about 11 km from Ajmer station the city is a must-visit destination in your list of Rajasthan Tour Packages. Coming as a beautiful treat for avid tourists and travelers, Pushkar is famous for its Grand Camel Fair, rare Lord Brahma Temple, Holy Lake of Pushkar, Camel Safari, Para Gliding adventures, etc. With this, there are many other mesmerizing places that cause you to add Pushkar with Rajasthan tour.

So, here we bring you the list of 8 Coruscating Places to Add to your Travel Pushkar Packages-

1) Attend The Famous Camel Fair At The Banks of Pushkar Lake

Coming up as a great attraction for foreign tourists and hippies, the Camel Fair of Pushkar lets you experience the raw culture of Rajasthan with various cultural events, animal races, camel processions, etc. Along with enjoying the fair, you can buy the various Rajasthani handicrafts here.

Camel Fair At The Banks of Pushkar Lake

Time to Visit – Oct to Nov

2) Pay Obeisance At The Brahma Temple

One of the main destinations that enlist Pushkar among the Rajasthan tour packages is the rare Brahma Temple of Pushkar. Boasting the ancient architecture and a beautiful show of belief and tradition the temple welcomes you to witness its grand ‘Aarti’.

The Brahma Temple

Opening Hours – 5:00 AM to 1:30 PM

3) Take Spiritual Bath At Pushkar Lake and Visit The Picturesque Ghats

The holy Pushkar Lake is believed to be the place where Lord Brahma and his wife Savitri offered prayers and according to the saints, a dip in the holy lake opens the gate for Moksha (freedom from birth cycle). With Brahma Ghat being the most famous, the other include Vahara, Saptrishi, Gau, Jaipur, Karni, Gangaur, etc.

Pushkar Lake and Visit The Picturesque Ghats

Opening Hours – Open all the day

4) Feel the Aura of Spirituality at Merta – The Meera Bai Connection

Another scintillating place to add to your Travel Pushkar packages is Merta. The 400 year old temple is built in the name of ‘Meera Bai’ (a Krishna devotee). Dahimati Temple and the Charbhuja Temple are the main highlights of this place and you should attend the grand Aarti at Charbhuja Temple between 5:30 AM – 6:30 AM.

Opening Hours: Sunrise to Sunset

5) Adore The Beauty of Rose Garden in Pushkar

Highlighting Pushkar as an important member of Rajasthan tour packages, the Rose Gardens at Pushkar offer you purely scenic views to gaze at. The grand rose farming in Pushkar keeps every visitor spellbound with its beauty.

6) Witness The Enchanting Grandeur of Man Mahal

Located in the east of sacred Pushkar Sarovar, the meticulously designed palace was built by Raja Man Singh. The splendid architecture of the palace makes it a famous spot to be added to your India holiday packages. The palace is presented as a tourist bungalow and is maintained by Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation. It gives you an august view of the lake and temples around.

Man Mahal, Pushkar

Opening Hours: Open all the day

7) Shop The Real Rajasthani Culture At Sarafa Bazar of Pushkar

The local markets of Pushkar are a perfect place to buy the raw shades of Rajasthani handicrafts, leather goods, jewelry, etc. The Sarafa Bazar and the Bada Bazaar bring live a beautiful play of multicolor Rajasthani accessories like trinkets, turbans, embroidered clothes, home décor crafts, etc.

Real Rajasthani Culture At Sarafa Bazar of Pushkar

Opening Hours: 9:00 am to late night

8) Bow Down To Lord Shiva at The Apteshwar Temple

The popular Apteshwar Temple was built in the 10th century AD and has remained as one of the most visited places in Pushkar. The majestic Shivling situated in the center hall of Apteshwar Temple was demolished by Aurangzeb, a Mughal emperor, and was renovated later.

Lord Shiva at The Apteshwar Temple

Opening Hours: 5:30 AM to ‘Sandhya’ Time

The above places of Pushkar surely claim you a larger than life experience, owing to which you must add Pushkar with Rajasthan tour package. With this, if you are looking for incredible India Holiday Packages or Rajasthan Tour Packages at affordable prices, we are the best travel agents in India. You can directly connect with us at –



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